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I made an appointment with the lifetime water system company, and the person showed up 30 mins early and left after 2 hours! We told

the person that we would think about buying the filter but he still was almost forcing us to buy it at that moment.

Also the person kept telling us to work for the company which was a little bothersome. Also as far as I am concerned the test might be rigged. Also the person wasn't professional at all.

I hope i can find a less expensive filter. For anyone else reading this, don't fall into the companies trap.

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They just carpet bombed my entire neighbourhood with a free water analysis kit. People of the GTA: call the city at 311 to find out if your house has had the lead pipe removed from your house and the city side if you're not sure.

Toronto has great water and it's free.

Our free water is clean and the envy of the world and other countries would die to have our system in place. IMO, Save your money.

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